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We envision ourselves as a one-stop solution provider for any activity relating to the security and security products that fall in any of the 7 layers of the OSI model. So that you can have one trusted partner for all your security requirements.

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Consulting & Implementation

We strongly believe that Consulting is a continuous process that is not necessarily useful just while making certain decisions or choosing a products. With better consulting during the design and implementation phase, a better and more sustainable solution can be arrived at. With vast global experience in consulting across the industry verticals, we bring to the table a unique proposition that is both sustainable & optimal, carefully crafted to solve complex use cases. It is very important to do these things right in the beginning of the process so as to avoid rework caused by wrong understanding of requirements or design. As we come from a strong consulting background we implement the right solution at the the first place that are more cost effective & can be delivered in the stipulated timelines originally planned. We undertake the implementation of Identity & Access management of all vendor products in the Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid scenarios. We can also assist your team with Sales & POCs of IAM products.

Security Advisory

We do a quick assessment of your application landscape and recommend the required security products for your portfolio. We strongly believe that security should be a business enabler in order to ensure that productivity is enhanced and the businesses is safeguarded from security threats to avoid any devaluation of the brand image. In the name of security implementation & its maintenance, enterprises generally cannot afford to spend significant amount of their profit margin which might lead to business itself turning un viable, nor should security be affecting the usability of the application. For example, if we make the user login process so complicated that your customers get frustrated trying to use application and they may tend to leave and go to another vendor. This could also cause loss of productivity to internal employees due to complexities in using the system. 

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One bill doesn’t fit all, therefore, in accordance to the complexity of the application landscape and after making due consideration on what is at stake, security should be planned &designed. Firstly, we help you conclude on the security requirements and as a next step, we assist you in finalizing the most suitable vendor while taking into account your technical requirements and budget.

Ethical Hacking

The world has seen how dangerous illegal hacking is and how ramifications of ransomwarecan causes huge financial and brand image loss, that is irreversible as customers/consumers will always have doubts regarding their data privacy, credit card details, etc. Hence, it is veryimportant to secure enterprise infrastructure including what we put in the cloud. To secure anything, we first need to think like a hacker and find out all possible loopholes and fix any security vulnerabilities. We can assist you with such security testing using various tools toidentify issues & suggest possible fixes. 

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Though there are many tools available in the market to conduct security testing and using thesame tools, even security products like LDAPs, Identity Governance, Single Sign-On (SSO) products, etc can be tested, it is quite difficult for a regular application security (AppSec) /Penetration testing team to understand how these security products handle sessions, cookies, user flow & what all other admin entry points exist. As we specialize in IAM, we canconfigure these security testing tools in the best possible manner to cover all possible loopholes. Most of the security products are standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, hencethere is a lesser chance of security loopholes. However, since customers often get customizations done to meet their specific requirements, it is very much important to understand these customizations and ensure that it has not opened any other vulnerable entry point. If a security product itself is compromised, it is very easy to hack other integrated products

Performance Testing – Security Products

Though there are many tools available in the market to conduct performance benchmarking &use the same tools, even security products like LDAPs, Identity Governance, SSO products, etc can be tested; it is difficult for a regular performance testing team to understand the flowof these security products. Since we specialize in IAM, we can configure the performancetesting tools in the best possible manner to cover all possible areas including customizations.

Performance Tuning – Security Products

As every application or product requires optimal tuning based on various factors like available capacity, usage, etc, a similar kind of tuning is also required for all security products. With our vast experience of implementation of security products including the customers having over 100 Million users, we have the best experience to assist you in the tuning of your security products to provide optimal performance.

Security Training

We undertake Identity & Access Management (IAM), training of various vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, Saviynt, etc. for both Cloud and On-premise components. We also conducttrainings on the integration of IAM products with other products like ERPs, HRMS, etc. Please visit our training page for more details.

Security Compliance

Information Security and compliance obligations from Governments or otherwise is a humongous task. Sales teams can easily map each compliance requirement to a product. But there can be many compliances that are either not applicable, or that can be achieved in a much simpler way. We help decode the compliance requirements, map the requirements properly to a product or a solution, or properly justify why a particular compliance line item is not applicable. We help the organization meet all security compliance obligations, while keeping in mind user experience and your security budget

Support & Maintenance

We assist customers in support and maintenance activities to take care of DevOps in the IAM space. We provide L1, L2 & L3 support to any IAM products either for a short duration post Go-Live or long-term support for IAM products including normal support activities, or assisting your organization to technically coordinate with original equipment manufacturer (OEM), regular maintenance work to perform housekeeping activities so that servers won’t go down or even after continuous usage, users get an optimal performance and even mundane jobs like moving new features from the non-production environment to production.

Product Management

With our vast experience of Identity & Access Management (IAM) in various industry verticals and helping customers build a complete solution with required customizations, we have the right competency to identify feature gaps in IAM products as per customer expectations. Since we are vendor-neutral and get involved in the implementation of any vendor IAM products, we have a very good insight into each vendor’s capabilities and any missing products features, we can assist your product management team to make your product one of the best in the industry

Product Engineering

With sound knowledge in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) domain, we are capable of applying optimal engineering skills while developing the product. Having a good domain knowledge and having worked on various types of customer use cases our engineering team is well equipped to assess the new requirements and also ensure that no new bugs are not introduced while fixing an existing bug

Project Management

Since our core business is in the area of Identity & Access Management (IAM), we have the best people on board to lead an IAM project. Along with the required project management skills of Agile, Scrum, people management, etc, IAM skills provide an edge to our project managers who can foresee any issues & mitigate them in due time instead of soly relying on a Technical Architect. Our Project Managers can analyze the requirements and help prepare an end-to-end project plan and run the execution of the project smoothly on behalf by coordinating with various stakeholders and vendors as required till the Go-Live and sustenance phase is reached.

Technical Documentation

We believe that the product is as good as its documentation. If the documentation is not clear or if customers cannot use features of the product then all the effort put to building a fantastic product goes waste. We provide experts who are not just equipped with good writing skills but who are also well versed with IAM use cases. Our experts can review existing documents, identify any missing features and enhance the documentation to be more customer friendly.

Engagement Mode

In all of the above service categories, we can take the project either in Fixed Price mode or provide you with IAM experts in T&M or T&H mode as per your preference.


We are ramping up very fast to cater all the above services in each aspect of security products that fall under any of the 7 layers of the OSI model. We currently provide services only in IAM area